Hangover Cure: Black Velvet

Recipe and excerpts from The Happy Table of Eugene Walter: Southern Spirits in Food and Drink, edited by Donald Goodman and Thomas Head. Copyright © 2011 by Donald Walter Goodman.


Read Jim Carter‘s review of The Happy Table of Eugene Walter.

“Many are the remedies. Most agree on rest, darkened rooms, lots of liquids, hot soups, and especially, of course, ‘a hair of the dog that bit me.’…

No matter what remedy you choose, remember to recline in cushions, contrive total silence, and eat something simple as soon as your head stops throbbing!”

Black Velvet

4 parts well-chilled English stout
4 parts extra-dry Champagne (brut)

Pour stout into very cold Champagne glasses, then add Champagne without mixing. Serve at once.


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