Better Cake Grooming? Just Use a Comb!

JULIE BOTNICK (this article was first published in October 2012)



Each week, we rummage through the dark corners of our kitchen drawers to bring you an enigmatic item. We ask you to guess what it is in our weekly From the From the Back of the Drawer puzzle. To enter this week’s puzzle, visit this page. To read more descriptions of past items, visit this page. And, don’t forget to donate your odd items to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.

This week, we found a cake comb!

You just made the world’s fluffiest angel food cake. It’s like a cloud on a platter, all egg whites and air. The last thing you want is to smash the slices down with a heavy knife or spatula. What do you do? You use a cake comb, separating the pieces from each other using the thin steel prongs. You can also use it to just break the cake pieces from each other, creating clean lines when you take a knife to it.

And, after you’re done with your cake, you can use it to touch up your perm!

Our Rating: Save it.

Design: Good, the retro Bakelite handle on this model is definitely a major selling point.

Originality: Average, when the complex angel food cake pans became commercially available, so did cake breakers.

Practicality: Average, when you need it, you need it, but if you only make carrot cake, you might as well keep this in your bathroom bureau, where it will be much more useful.


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