From the Back of the Drawer: The Walking Jigger

JULIE BOTNICK (this article was first published on November 21, 2012)

For more From the Back of the Drawer, just click the logo.

For more From the Back of the Drawer, just click the logo.

Each week, we rummage through the dark corners of our kitchen drawers to bring you an enigmatic item. We ask you to guess what it is in our weekly From the Back of the Drawer puzzle. To enter this week’s puzzle, visit this page. To read more descriptions of past items, visit this page. And, don’t forget to donate your odd items to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.

This week, we found a walking jigger!

Few companies can boast the roster of novelty drinking items that Poynter Products of Cincinnati can. They have products ranging from the “Plastered Plumber” whiskey dispenser to a Jayne Mansfield decanter to scotch-flavored toothpaste. One of their great drinking “toys” was the “Walkin’ Jigger,” manufactured in 1966. The wind-up jigger, or shot measure, has feet that walk it right towards…well, it’s not completely clear where it would walk. From the bartender to the patron? I’m not sure anyone ordering a shot has the patience to watch it for a minute before it gets to them. And this wind-up is only good for about 20 seconds, making the multi-stage trip a marathon of self-control.

Our rating: Save it.
Design: Good, except that the jigger walks like it’s already had a few drinks. Let it walk on a surface you don’t mind getting wet.
Originality: Excellent, it’s a wonder no one thought of putting jiggers on feet before Poynter.
Practicality: Poor, you could probably make dinner while waiting for the jigger to make it down the bar.


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