Frank Davis’s Fish in Scales

This recipe comes courtesy of Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine. A really cool culinary technique by Frank Davis.

1. Remove both filets from the fish, leaving the scales on. Scrape any stringy flesh from the filet with the edge of your knife.


2. Wash the filets thoroughly under cool running water.


3. Pat the filets completely dry on both sides with a wad of paper towels.


4. Make a marinade as simple as a little extra-virgin olive oil, a splash of fresh lemon juice, and a touch of salt and pepper, or a fully gourmet marinade of Italian salad dressing, lemon zest, red pepper flakes, Worcestershire sauce, minced garlic, liquid smoke, and even a light shot of Black Label whiskey. Complexity and creativity are left entirely up to you. Then brush it heavily onto the fish.


5. Place the filets, scales side down, either on a moderately hot outdoor grill (cover closed) or on the center rack of the oven preheated to 425ºF. Top with lemon slices if you like.


6. Cook the filets, basting occasionally with a pastry brush, until the edges scorch lightly and curl up slightly. Check the cooking progress every 5 minutes or so to ensure that the fish doesn’t overcook.


7. When the filets turn opaque and flake easily with a fork, they’re done and ready to be served in portions with a metal spatula, right from their scales!



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