Ultimate Charred Jägermeister Burger

This recipe  comes to us courtesy of Jägermeister and Chef Chris Santos. Want to create your own Jägermeister BBQ recipe for the chance to win an expertly butchered whole hog, half cow or flock of fowl delivered in a Jägermeister freezer, as well as a trip to NYC to taste through the best BBQ of NYC. To enter, visit the “Chris Santos Jäger BBQ” on the Jägermeister Facebook page. For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/JagerUSA/app_336337369826914.

Jäger Burger

Ultimate Charred Jägermeister Burger 


  • 6 burger buns
  • 6 slices American cheese

Burger Blend

  • 2 lbs. premium ground beef
  • 4 oz. soft butter
  • 2 oz. Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 oz. Jägermeister

Burger Rub

  • 1 tbsp. salt
  • 1 tbsp. black pepper
  • 1 tsp. brown sugar

Black Pepper­–Jägermeister “Special Sauce”

  • 2/3 cup mayo
  • 1/4 cup mustard
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1 shot Jägermeister
  • 1 tsp. black pepper

Jägermeister Caramelized Onions 

  • 2 Spanish onions, julienned
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1 tbsp. Jägermeister
  • 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. bacon bits


  1. Mix together the ingredients for the burger blend. Form into six 6-ounce patties.
  2. Combine the ingredients in the burger rub. Use to sprinkle on both sides of the burgers before grilling.
  3. For the “special sauce:” In a small bowl, whisk together all ingredients until well incorporated.
  4. For the caramelized onions: Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Add the onion and cook slowly until soft and golden, stirring often for about 20 minutes. Add the Jägermeister and cook an additional 15 minutes. Season to taste with salt, pepper and chopped bacon bits.
  5. Grill the burger over a hot flame until desired temperature. Toast your bun and spread the “special sauce” on both sides. Top burger with a slice of American cheese and then the caramelized onions to finish.

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