Is Food Art: Notes from a Food Photographer


In early September, the SoFAB Institute presented a panel discussion asking “Is food art?” at the New School in New York as part of Culinaria Query, The national inquiry comes to close in New Orleans on October 10 with a special presentation by Ken Albala. For information, please visit this page.

This article features some of the images and notes from one of our New York City panelists, Nino Andonis. One of the main points Nino made during the discussion was he doesn’t “believe food is art. Food becomes art when it is the intention of the creator to make it so.” Nino also found that the consensus of the paneI was that art is subjective. There was good mention regarding opinions about art constantly evolving with culture and time periods, and in regards to food our cultural palette evolves as well (each country and culture having their unique taste buds). 

Blizzard. Photo by Nino Andonis.

Blizzard. Photo by Nino Andonis.

Nino is an American photographer and artist, born in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a B.A. in French, Nino attended the full-time program at Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris, France. After graduation he worked in Paris for three years under such mentors as Fashion Photographer Paolo Roversi, Editor in Chief for “Vis a Vis International” Magazine, Nathalie Luyer and Studio ELLE. Nino then lived for seven years in NYC working under renown fashion and still life photographers. It is in NYC that his photographic art became internationally recognized. He has won several awards for his work including PX3 Paris, Int’l Photography Awards – IPA and NY Photo Festival – Feast Your Eyes. 

Deconstructed Salad. Photo by Nino Andonis.

Deconstructed Salad. Photo by Nino Andonis.

Nino currently resides in Los Angeles, California and works as a still-life food photographer continuing to master his photographic eye. His work is artistic, conceptual and technically sound, pushing the viewer to experience food from a different perspective. Nino has been exhibited in California, Texas, New York, Paris, and Croatia. In his own words:

“A good photograph is visually provocative and is based on solid ideas as the essential ingredient. Food is my artistic subject. To me, food is an aphrodisiac and tasting my subject is a vital part of my creative process. While working, this gives me a feeling of satisfaction and inspires me. My images evoke seduction through an intimate perspective in a way that appeals to your appetite. I explore photographic tenebrism with natural and artificial light. Stylistically, I meditate on the balance between the abstraction and representation of reality.”

Popcorn Salt. Photo by Nino Andonis.

Popcorn Salt. Photo by Nino Andonis.


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