Regina Charboneau’s Almond Iced Tea

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Regina  Charboneau is the owner Twin Oaks Bed and Breakfast in Natchez, MS and the Chef de Cuisine of the American Queen.  She is the author of three cookbooks: The recently published Mississippi Current Cookbook, A Collection of Season Menus and Recipes from Regina’s Kitchen and Regina’s Table at Twin Oaks.  She blogs about food for The Atlantic. She created and opened the first Biscuits and Blues nightclub in San Francisco in 1995 and she has been called the best biscuit maker in the world.

This recipe is adapted from Regina’s Table at Twin Oaks.


Recipe serves 25.  It makes 2 punch bowls.

8 Pitcher size Lipton cold brew tea bags

1 gallon + 1 cup water

3 cups sugar

2 ounces almond extract

Over low heat, combine sugar and 1 cups water to make simple syrup.  Cool.  In a gallon container, combine the remaining 1 gallon of water and the 8 tea bags.  Brew for 30 minutes.  Add simple syrup and almond extract to the concentrated tea.  Stir to combine.


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