Little Kids, Big Responsibilities

It is a commonly accepted fact that obesity runs rampant among children in the United States today. The statistic that one out of every 3 children meets the criteria for obesity is not some worst-case scenario prediction for the future – it is an alarming reality. This is the product of various combinations of influences, including more time spent watching TV and playing video games (with 8-18 year olds spending an average of 7.5 hours a day), and parents’ on-the-go lifestyles that prevent them from carefully preparing nutritious meals. Continue reading

Let’s Move!: Helping Kids Get Cookin’ in the American South

Who were your first cooking teachers? Lots of home cooks, including me, learned at a young age from a parent or other adult family member. Some of our most glorious childhood memories recall times when we filled the house with fine aromas and helped put dinner on the table. Sadly, the South is in danger of losing its culinary heritage, because parents who do not have time to cook or who do not like to cook cannot pass on skills to the next generation. Continue reading