Celebrating Spring with Strawberries | Where the Bagel Meets the Biscuit

Celebrating Spring with Strawberries | Where the Bagel Meets the Biscuit

I knew that when this brutal winter finally showed signs of waning, I would celebrate with an exciting new strawberry recipe. I resolved not to bury the strawberries in shortbread and whipped cream, coat them in chocolate, puree them into smoothies and daiquiris, or bake them into cakes, muffins, crisps, or pies. I would also resist the urge to bottle spring by making preserves, sauces, or jams, as they had offered me little solace this winter. Instead, I wanted something fresh, cheerful, and fun that would not mask the brilliance of the strawberry. Continue reading


A Little Taste of Italy in New Orleans

Sometimes the only way to escape the heat of a New Orleans summer is to indulge in something icy cold and sweet, colorful and delicious. One perennial favorite is a treat from a country whose culinary and cultural influence is often overlooked in this former French colony. But we must not forget the Italians, specifically Sicilians, and their refreshing summer treat: gelato. Continue reading