From the Back of the Drawer: A Shrimp Deveiner

From the Back of the Drawer: A Shrimp Deveiner

Each week, we rummage through the dark corners of our kitchen drawers to bring you an enigmatic item. We ask you to guess what it is in our weekly From the From the Back of the Drawer puzzle. This week, we found a Shrimp Deveiner and visited ben Thibodeaux at Dickie Brennan’s Tableau Restaurant to found out how to use it. Continue reading

Appalachia: Redneck, White Tablecloth

Not too long ago in my adopted hometown of Roanoke, what had been one of the fanciest and most expensive restaurants in town for over 30 years closed its doors. The Library featured the sort of stiff, fussy Continental dining that catered to “new money;” the Star City’s old money still preferred the timeless peanut soup and spoon bread of the Hotel Roanoke’s Regency Room. Gone was the table-side preparation of Steak Diane, the ritzy Lobster Thermidor, and the sense of class they imbued upon the mink-clad matrons and other assorted American dreamers for whom formal dining was itself a mark of success.

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