Ginger Elixer

Ginger Elixer

TAWNYA MANION Its invigorating aroma, distinct flavor, and strong medicinal properties make ginger a powerful root. Known for centuries as an effective aid to digestion, it calms the stomach, eases nervousness, alleviates migraines, thins the blood, and improves the metabolism. An excellent remedy for people troubled with indigestion after eating or for pregnant women who … Continue reading

Regina Charboneau’s Almond Iced Tea

Regina Charboneau is the owner Twin Oaks Bed and Breakfast in Natchez, MS and the Chef de Cuisine of the American Queen. She is the author of two cookbooks: A Collection of Season Menus and Recipes from Regina’s Kitchen and Regina’s Table at Twin Oaks. She blogs about food for The Atlantic. She created and opened the first Biscuits and Blues nightclub in San Francisco in 1995 and she has been called the best biscuit maker in the world. Continue reading

Cooking with Kids: Too Many Lemons and Cans

It seems that we are always trying to find projects that we do with our children, but if we can just include them in our regular activities, we can often play Tom Sawyer painting the fence. We can make our everyday activities fun instead of a chore. We had a very prolific lemon tree. Although we used lemons for salad dressings, in cooking, in lemonade, it seemed that we had a million lemons. I knew that if we did not pick them all and save them, we would start to lose them. My two boys had their friends over all the time, so I organized them into two teams. They had to pick all of the lemons – carefully to avoid the thorns – and the team that won, would get to drink their lemonade before the other team. In short order we had picked all of the lemons. Continue reading

Sweet Tea Sorbet | Perre Magness Recipes

Sweet Tea Sorbet | Perre Magness Recipes

This is sweet and cold and refreshing and everything you want on a hot, hot day. It’s perfect for dessert, or as a palate cleanser, or as an interesting take on a pre-dinner drink. It can be scooped into great big balls, or served in little shot glasses. It’s a great refresher after a casual barbecue meal, or an elegant addition to a fine silver dinner party. But, mostly, its just plain good. Use the same tea bags you would for a regular sweet tea – I like Luzianne – and a nice big handful of mint. Continue reading