The Survival of West Tennessee BBQ Joints

For those of us living in the South, the culture of barbecue joints has been an integral part of the Southern landscape for many years. The quintessential barbecue joint symbolizes much more than just food but rests in our memories as a place of iconic imagery. It reminds us of good memories and simpler times. There is a certain pageantry to pulling up to an old wooden shed. It’s roof billowing with smoke. Its imperfect lettering painted across a tattered wooden plank. A screen door that hides a room of fellowship and great culinary talent. The southern barbecue joint is a true cultural treasure. Continue reading


Link 41: For the Love of Pork in the Heart of Tennessee | Fork in the Road

Trae Moore always knew he liked working with his hands. Trained as a traditional blacksmith, he started his working career making ornamental tools. He loved bending and shaping the iron, and doing something that took time and had a tradition to it. Continue reading