Extraordinary Dairy: What you Might Not Have Known About Lactose Intolerance

Do you know anyone who is lactose intolerant? Chances are, you probably do! That’s because most people are at least slightly lactose intolerant, or may become so with age. But what exactly is lactose intolerance, and why does it seem to affect everyone differently? To find the answer, we can take a look into our genetic makeup and evolutionary history. But first, lets learn a little more about what lactose is and how it interacts with out body. Continue reading

Leaving the Garden | Urban Farming

I have seen this space go from manicured lawn to mixed fruit and vegetable patch in just a few short months at my alma mater, Lake Forest College. I planned and advocated for the garden because I saw food as the best environmental topic for everyone to come together around and celebrate the fruits of the earth. I worked with students to release praying mantis nymphs and later to find an adult. I have photographed the beauty of tomatoes, sprouted corn, and tendrilling peas with a macro lens, and, just yesterday, I began to say goodbye. I have just passed the reins. Conceiving of, founding, managing, and nurturing this garden has been my job. My job here is coming to a close, so I am now sending off my garden into capable hands.

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Can the Government Force you to Eat your Broccoli?

Does the government have the power to compel a person to buy broccoli? That question, perhaps surprisingly, came up recently during the Supreme Court’s unprecedented three-day hearing on the national healthcare mandate (commonly referred to by supporters and opponents alike as “Obamacare”).
Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia used the broccoli question to illustrate he takes a dim view of the healthcare law, comparing it unfavorably to a law that would force individual Americans to purchase broccoli. Continue reading

Little Kids, Big Responsibilities

It is a commonly accepted fact that obesity runs rampant among children in the United States today. The statistic that one out of every 3 children meets the criteria for obesity is not some worst-case scenario prediction for the future – it is an alarming reality. This is the product of various combinations of influences, including more time spent watching TV and playing video games (with 8-18 year olds spending an average of 7.5 hours a day), and parents’ on-the-go lifestyles that prevent them from carefully preparing nutritious meals. Continue reading