We the People: The Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act

We in the United States have become obsessed with many issues regarding food. We are concerned about food justice and accessibility to healthy food, many issues of food labeling, the ability to make choices such as access to raw milk, school lunches, and the complex issues of the Farm Bill. But many of these issues are limited to policies and thinking of a closed system. That is, we think about the U.S. and its laws and boundaries without looking at the rest of the world. Continue reading

Just a Pretty Face: The Fallacy Behind Picture-Perfect Food

Just a Pretty Face: The Fallacy Behind Picture-Perfect Food

Yes, we must use all of our senses, but we also have to intellectually decide what is the most important. Does the way food tastes trump the way it looks? Do we decide on the can or frozen food because of the attractiveness of the packaging? Does the way the beach looks trump the environmental damage? If we want our frozen seafood to be edible we had better decide what is most important. Continue reading

Top 10 List of Cultural Changes That Make Us Fat

We can never go back. Our culture has changed. If we want to address issues of obesity we should address the changes in our culture that have changed our lives and the way that we eat. We should not just demonize certain companies or certain foods. I think that we need to address all of the ways that our changes in attitude have changed our lives. So here is my Top Ten List in no particular order: Continue reading

A Return to the Table: A Call to Save the Family Meal

A Return to the Table: A Call to Save the Family Meal

I seem to be stuck on the need to return to the table. When creating our cultural and policy future, we should not try to solve the ills of today by merely proffering new solutions. Sometimes our previous practices gave us the solutions. I feel that way about our take-out world.As we search for solutions to a fat society, a society that has a school dropout rate that is too high, and one that has a drug problem, having a family meal by sitting at the table together may offer a simple and inexpensive solution. Continue reading