Fork in the Road: John Besh’s La Provence Restaurant

It’s not every day you can visit a charming country French style auberge, and then be invited by the staff to go out back and visit their pigs after dining. Truth be told, it was a large part of the reason I wanted to dine at La Provence. So, on my last visit to New Orleans, I took the time to drive across Lake Pontchartrain to Lacombe, LA for La Provence’s wonderful Sunday brunch. Continue reading

Eat My Words: The 2012 Hungry in the South Symposium

The culture of the American South is probably the most distinct and notable part of the United States to both those living within its borders, as well as those living abroad. Positive and negative accounts in our history and current events give this region its personality and individuality. With the recent emphasis on “haute food couture” in almost every corner of the globe, it is no surprise that Southern cuisine is headlining major menus and restaurants all over America. The South’s culinary history is what truly sets it apart from any other melting pot areas of our country. With Cajun and Creole influences, African-American inspired soul food, Appalachian country recipes, and ingredients that hark back to the era before the first white settlers (think corn, a.k.a. “grits”), there has always been a multitude of depth and involvement in Southern cuisine from many different origins. Continue reading