From the Director’s Desk: The SoFAB National Culinary Heritage Register

LIZ WILLIAMS Food and beverage practices not only play a major role in America’s cultural identity, but they also offer valuable insights into the country’s past and present environment, economy, and social structures. That is why food and beverage culture warrants museums and other study. Understanding when, where, and how American food and beverage practices have … Continue reading

Emphatic Occassion Drinks and a Great Mardi Gras Cocktail To Go

KELSEY PARRIS One thing that I’ve become increasingly aware of throughout my life is the importance of having a particular drink or at least genre to choose from when planning your significant events. There are the classics: Champagne for New Years and weddings, Mimosas on Easter, Mint Juleps for the Kentucky Derby, Guinness on St. … Continue reading

Mayonnaise: The divisive yet not so difficult to make condiment

Mayonnaise: The divisive yet not so difficult to make condiment

Brian Adornetto The mere mention of mayonnaise can trigger a strong response and, sometimes, incite intense arguments. First, come the haters. “Mayonnaise smells disgusting!” “I can’t stand the mouth feel!” It’s “slimy,” “gloppy,” or “gross-looking!” To those curmudgeons, I merely say to each his or her own. Now, I would like to speak to my … Continue reading