Is Food Art: Notes from the Director of the Umami Festival

My “working definition” of Art has been that which gives us pause and makes us think. I am inspired by John Dewey’s assertion that aesthetic experience is based in interaction and can be found in everyday experiences. The panel demonstrated the importance of these definitions – how we define Art is one of the foundations for considering food’s role in this context. Continue reading

Art or Craft? An Essay on Food by Michael Laiskonis

It ultimately comes down to the refinement of an idea, which like everything else might mean different things to different people. It continues to evolve. For better or worse, fashions and trends will continue to push us in this direction or that. In the end, I believe that good food is good food, but if it looks amazing, the same dish just might taste that much better. As long as the element doesn’t detract from the composition, every drop of reduction or smear of puree is valid. Maybe my quest is not ultimate minimalism, but rather the sense of deliberate intent to make the right choices and to make everything count. If those artfully placed dots of sauce make the dish better, then it’s all good. And if they don’t, well, I guess that’s ok too. Continue reading

Is Food Art: Notes from a Food Photographer

This article features some of the images and notes from one of our New York City panelists, Nino Andonis. One of the main points Nino made during the discussion was he doesn’t “believe food is art. Food becomes art when it is the intention of the creator to make it so.” Nino also found that the consensus of the paneI was that art is subjective. There was good mention regarding opinions about art constantly evolving with culture and time periods, and in regards to food our cultural palette evolves as well (each country and culture having their unique taste buds). Continue reading