California-Style: MOTAC’S Gin Cocktails in Cali

California-Style: MOTAC’S Gin Cocktails in Cali

California Programs Start Strong With Gin Event The Museum of the American Cocktail’s California programs are off and running after the inaugural event at Dominick’s in West Hollywood in April. Over 40 people enjoyed a talk by Lesley Jacobs Solmonson on “The History of Gin in Five Cocktails.” The hour-long presentation covered the various ways … Continue reading

The Mason Jar: Napoléon, a Penniless Inventor, + Five Brothers From Upstate New York

BRIAN ADORNETTO Until I moved to the South, not only had I never met anyone who “canned,” but I also never knew the term had anything to do with to preserving. In fact, I had always thought of it as more of a “country” or Southern undertaking. However, since moving here, I‘ve become exponentially more … Continue reading