On Our Bookshelf: Donald Link’s Down South Cookbook

JENNIFER EDWARDS Donald Link Down South: Bourbon, Pork, Gulf Shrimp & Second Helpings of Everything With Paula Disbrowe Photographs by Chris Granger Clarkson Potter (New York 2014) Link Restaurant Group, with southwest Louisiana boy Donald Link as executive chef and chief executive officer, hews close to Link’s rural Southern roots. First, there’s Pêche, a seafood … Continue reading

The Mason Jar: Napoléon, a Penniless Inventor, + Five Brothers From Upstate New York

BRIAN ADORNETTO Until I moved to the South, not only had I never met anyone who “canned,” but I also never knew the term had anything to do with to preserving. In fact, I had always thought of it as more of a “country” or Southern undertaking. However, since moving here, I‘ve become exponentially more … Continue reading

On Our Bookshelf: Kentucky Sweets – Bourbon Balls, Spoonbread & Mile High Pie

Kentucky seems to be a bit of an outlier as far as “Southern” food is concerned. With its location at the intersection of the Midwest and the South, its cuisine incorporates the pioneer Midwestern tradition of fudge and sticky puddings, the Appalachian wilderness vibe of hickory nuts, sorghum, cushaws and pawpaws, and Southern-sticky mint juleps … Continue reading